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    1. No se…I have never been able to find who originally took the photo…my 2009 posting of the shot has been used repeatedly. The original artist when querying ‘photographer Salton Sea abandoned trailer’ kicks up versions of the shot to include this one but no original artist info. The Salmon Sea Museum might have the source. Sorry.


      1. I took the original photo. I pulled the web sites because of rampant thief. Steve Bingham, 1-928-474-1849. This photo has been published in Popular Photography as part of an article. It is available, along with hundreds of others, as a 16 x 24 inch or smaller.


  1. This went from fresh water to salt water through the streams that feed the lake, thats why all the fish and birds died back in the early 70`s , watch the show on the discovery channel


  2. It’s because a river, called New River, flows north from Mexico to the Salton Sea. The river was made up of 100% raw sewage from Mexicali, Mexico because many areas did /do not have proper sewage systems and treatments.

    Thanks to the US Govt spending half of the $98.6 million dollars it costs to fix the problem, their sewage water is now 25% treated and flows into the Rio Hardy, located south of Mexicali. However, 10% of raw sewage still flows into the Salton sea,

    The water that once flowed in this sea was extremely toxic. The worst in the nation. So dangerous it killed almost every warm blooded thing that touched it. It contained everything from hepatitis and typhoid to polio and cholera. The desert heat evaporates the fluid. The super concentrated dried poison then floats in the air and is carried by the winds easily as far as Kansas. I wouldn’t stand anywhere in the area today, in fear that the soil still contains the bacterias and poisons.

    Inadequate sewage systems and treatments are a problem all along the southern border. The sad thing is, we are paying to clean up Mexico’s crap.


    1. Thanks for the information Jen! Very interesting indeed.S
      Do you by chance know where to locate info re your comment? I
      would like to continue to highlight work of others re this issue.



    2. I just hate this, My family and friends use to swim and fish in the salton sea. When I was a little girl, and it is really sad they let this happen. It just make me sick. We have pictures of the
      Salton Sea. When we laid on the beach and had picnic’s and campfires back in the 60’s . I just can not believe they let this happen. They had the best fishing. My family ate lot of fish out of the Salton Sea. Coachella is my home town. I get home sick when I think about it. But now what they have done to the Salton Sea, I would never want to comne back there ever. It would just break my heart!


    3. Jen you shoud not wright or think, it is dangerous for ignorance to say or blog anything. the river you say cannot travel north,duuuu. said river goes through many us cities and has several major lakes on its way south, The irrigation runoff in the valley carried chemicals and ended in the lake killing fish and birds.The high conted of salt in the water is low on oxygen killng the fish and the birds eating the sick dead fish. With no oxygen crap settles to the botton creating gases the make their way up and smelling like rotten eggs, In a nut shell JEN you are and worng. if any raw sewage is transported on this rivers it is comming from you.


    1. The shot has been taken by varied photographers, some helpful…some arrogant putz’s. I would query Google Images and find similar locale photos and see who took. Then do the followup contacts. Good luck!


    2. I’ll be driving by tomorrow. I’ll take one way on the way down, the other on the way back thus circling the whole place. I’ll see about geo-tagging my photos on my phone for accuracy.

      Hit my site, my info is on there if you want to find out more.


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