The ubiquitous GRHE (Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear) made from the mask of a rabbit/hare. I did not use rabbit for the tail, but rather hackle fibers. I am very allergic anymore to rabbit fur. Here, I used Kudra fur for the abdomen and rabbit for the thorax and pheasant tail for the wingcase.   


(Left) I have had great success with this black & grey basic nymph. It has worked for years in either lakes or rivers. The tail and hackle are black and the abdomen and thorax are grey Kudra fur. It is ribbed with copper wire.


This was suppose to be a Timberline Emerger and I infused more radical hairs for breathability and life. I used chickabou for the tail and Kudra fur for the abdomen, then hackle tips for the wing and crazy fibers for the thorax.