In keeping with my preparations for stillwater trips this Summer, I am giving special attention to my favorite insect (no offense Dragon Fly) the Callibaetis Mayfly. It gives me the most pleasure from the depths to the surface and also as it dances above the surface. I have my nymph’s, and you have perhaps read my post about the glowing ‘orbs’ of the emergers. Also, I have the Klinkhammer style emergers to tie in the next month. Duns are generally successfully represented by Adams and Parachute Adams. I tied up spinner imitations for last season and never hit the spinner fall…but I am prepared with what I tied last Spring. I don’t neglect Midges/Gnats or Caddis hatches. I just don’t enjoy their hatches as much as I do the Callibaetis’ Attached is a good piece by Ron Newman/BC Adventure re Mayflies and stillwater representation:  (photo East Lake 2007)

Also, query my fly, The Orb here….excellent pattern for Callibaetis emerger. The Orb by Gary Muncy, April 2008.