As the weather begins to warm and the constant grey skies give way to a little bit of blue, I am reminded of the enjoyment of fishing in nice weather. I am excited to venture forth and encounter all that a flyfishing adventure has to offer: the beauty, the mystery and the challenges of solving the puzzles that fishing presents us. Further, I want to take the opportunity to explain the benefits of de-barbing hooks (I should do it as I tie, but have always fussed about on the water) to some unfortuante flyfisher that has hooked their clothing.

I fish year round, so not much of a setting forth to a new season moment for me really…just shedding layers and less stumbling about in a cold stupor.  I hate being cold…really hate it. I have great gear but regardless my shoulders just want to be cold no matter what I wear. Soon, I will not have to contend with that..until a cold morning on some high lake in September.  Don’t you like red? I do.