I just finished a weekend jaunt over to Central Oregon with my son. The fishing was slow, but as I earlier mentioned this can be an opportune time to meet interesting people, who expand your flyfishing knowledge or just provide you pleasure with idle conversations. But when you are in the car with your son for nine plus hours coming and going, you have a ready barometer of where your relationship is and where your son is headed at this point in his life.  The time in the rig provided time to discuss his appreciation for the females in his life, the oddities of female thought patterns, the uniqueness of the female form….well you get the drift of his thoughts. Of course, that was not the total extent of our conversations. I listened most of the time to his career ideas and where he wants to be. I was pleased with his energy for life and his positive vibes. Fortunately, I was not in the throes of negativity or offering up too many ‘yeah, buts..’ I was so excited by the prospects of the destination that I positively flowed with good thoughts and patience (either I need to go on more road trips or harness the positive thougths for daily life….hmmm).

The beauty of this encounter with your son, is that you quickly know if you have helped in a positive way with your son’s development or done harm. I can’t take too much credit but I see my fingerprints there, and it isn’t too bad so far. Once at the final destination, I thoroughly enjoyed watching my fishing buddy interact with the nice folks we encountered. He was genuine and quite capable of initiating his own relationships and enjoying conversations about flyfishing, etc. In fact he is quite the gabby conversationalist. On the lake, he was at ease initiating contact with passing vessels. He has the ability to seek information and more often to share his intell. The long and short of it was he was self contained and functioning on his own. His own man. Not dependent upon me or hanging back but rather self sufficient and capable of doing his own thing. The tether has been cut.

  Our stay at East Lake was enjoyable because of our interactions with nice people (I would admittedly have liked more interaction with nice fish too). On the way home one can be introspective and tired. We drove home talkative and  pleased with our time together, our experiences, partial successes and just the beauty we observed. Winding home, listening to the Eagles and that great guitar riff in Hotel California, energized by the sunshine and energy drinks…the verdict was in: we can talk about most anything and I like watching my son growing up.