Hey, you older innovators of the flyfishing culture look in your rearview mirrors. If you have not seen them closing on your rear bumper, you are about to be passed by. New ways of selling the passion for our beloved sport are emerging. The older flyfishing generations have been consumed by the written word and the cerebral nuances. They, the new wave, quickly absorbed that message and are now consumed by the visual. The visual is addictive candy to the new wave and they are perfecting all manner of edgy presentations to add energy and passion to what has become white cake without the frosting. Yes, a fish is a fish and a fly a fly and on the surface little seems to change that. Equipment improvements have made the sport more enjoyable, for sure. Yes, the old timer (always to be respected) with his glass rod and Pflueger reel can sometimes catch as many fish as the new tech kid with the purposefully faded garb and nonchalant coolness. But the nonchalant kid has absorbed all the how to lit, traditions and elitism and steered it toward their generation. The new wave of flyfishing is quickly becoming visual, infused with new energy and drawing numbers to all the species of fish. Are they going to find out they are just reinventing the wheel? I think not. As in all facets of life, the older want acknowledgement and the younger want respect. If the dynamic only stays there, growth is wasted. I for one am going to move over, let them pass and see where they go. Humor, edgy, unpredictable but still seeking the moment, like we always have and they always will.  








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