In a relatively short period of time, we’ve seen the marketing compass swing 180 deg. from targeting grey-haired retired guys ensconced in all the trappings of sprawling McLodges, streamside Cubans and pre-broken-in, River Runs Through It fedoras, to young dudes sleeping in the back of their car streamside, eating a cold can of beans as testament to their dedication. Dog knows I’ve spent a lot of nights sleeping in, under and on top of vehicles myself, and I can’t afford lodges anyway  (but not because I’m a “bum”). I’ll give credit where it’s due – it is great that you’re attempting to lure in a younger audience.

But you know what didn’t change at all when that demographic compass swung ’round? The fact that you’re still perpetuating a simplistic, tired stereotype as a means to convince people they need to spend thousands of dollars to get outfitted to go fly fishing. Yes, I know that’s your job, marketing guy. It still sucks.

Yes, it is like sleep deprivation. You know you are kind of tired, but you have long since become to numb to zone in what is aggravating you and how tired you really are. Until a breath of fresh air blows in to add clarity. Something just didn’t set right with this ‘trout bum’ deal and I didn’t want to chalk it up to pure envy…something else suggested it was too perfect. Buster is right on. So what would happen if the destination, the hot babe and the ‘too cool to give a shit’ attitude becomes old….back to individual basics? Not sure. Just know it is hard enough, if you work, to get to the Sandy, Deschutes or B.C. let alone Kamchatka. Bottom line its all about me parting with $4,ooo to $8,000+ to do these ‘trout bum’ exploits. If a guy can do that on his own without corporate sponsorship, great.