robbinsBy way of explaining, should even one person care, I thought I would explain Switters and B. Switters was born from the main character in Tom Robbins’  Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. A character so diverse and betwixt that I just related at the time of my Tom Robbins binge. Have you read Tom Robbins? Any NW rain sodden brain should have read some Robbins. Why?

“Not infrequently, he’d spot one of them [girls] in the market again and exchange with her one of those futily desirous smiles that are like domestic postage on a letter to a foreign destination.”

“The old market, worn half away by dampness and fingerprints, sweat drops and shoe heels, pigeon claws and vegetable crates; soiled by butcher seepage, sequined with salmon scales, smelling of roses, raw prawns, and urine; blessedly freed for the winter from the demanding entertain-me-for-nothing! gawkings of out-of-town tourists, the market bustled now with fishmongers and Vietnamese farmers, florists and fruit vendors, famous chefs and food-smart housewives, gourmets and runaways, flunkies and junkies, coffee brewers and balloon benders, office workers and shopgirls and winos of all races.” (any NWester should know where this is)

“The Latino smiled, but it was not a friendly smile; it was, in fact, the sort of quasi-smile one observes on small dogs in the backseats of parked cars just before they begin to bark..”

“When she unhooked her bra, it was like a farmer unloading a cart, and when she pulled down her panties, Switters thought he was back up the Amazon.”  (Oh, baby)

(B)umpatter was born from an appreciation of the curved, the firm, the yielding.