Scotch Poacher~NZ Pattern (Peter Frailey)
Scotch Poacher~NZ Pattern by John Nicholls (Photo by Peter Frailey)

Hook: Wet fly hook, size 2 to size 10
Thread: Black
Tail: Black squirrel tail
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Body: Orange chenille or fur
Wing: Pukeko breast feathers tied flat on top of the body
Collar: Orange hackle

“Scotch Poacher — This fly is a night fly that imitates a Koura (Freshwater crayfish) and is best used at river mouths lakeside after dark, fished slowly along the bottom. The Scotch Poacher is a killing lure down here and one that can be regarded as a New Zealand fly fishing icon.” (The Pukeko Style by John Nicholls)