Update 3/19/09: Plamen Balinov has kind enough to repsond and let me know the language is Bulgarian. The site, iantra.com is dedicated to the preservation of wild trout and habitat in Bulgaria.




I noticed a visit from PBalinov and explored a bit and found they had enjoyed a shot from my backyard………

Switters' Backyard~Worshipping Icons

so,  I explored more and found some great sites…now, I cannot for the life of me discern the language..I thought it to be Russian, Ukraine or something in that region, but could not fully translate with Google or Babel…so I will leave it to you to figure out and perhaps someone will be kind enough to advise on language and best way to translate beyond looking at pics…. http://www.pbalinov.com/  (which lead to………….)


 Маршрути         Как да стигнем Времето Нивото Насекоми    Изкуствени  мухи  Нощувк  Забрани     Магазини

Red Emerger for Chironomid or Buzzer
Red Emerger for Chironomid or Buzzer