waspI have written about this before, but pretty much from the fly shop owner angle. To recap: if you own a shop practice the Golden Rule (do onto others as…in case you forgot), don’t act so nonchalant and cool, and develop customer goodwill and loyalty (the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene follows this practice for one. I go there 2-3 times a month and they are always spot on perfect). Not everyone that lays out $1,500+ for a two hander outfit is a doctor, businessman or pot dealer. Some peope are anxious over spending that much money…gently help them along. Buyer’s remorse won’t help your shop.

BUT, for the customer a few salient points of conduct: don’t be a dick (no not named after your favorite villain Dick Cheney). Don’t walk into the shop with an arrogant chip on your Ex-Officio shoulder. Don’t brag about where you have been thereby attempting to put the owner in place or gain status. Don’t hang out for an hour telling boring stories to boost your ego in their eyes and purchase nary a fly. Don’t hold a struggling shop hostage with your purchase. Shops don’t have a lot of wiggle room on pricing so if you are really shopping make your purchase on shop loyalty (note shop owners..be nice). So, customer, if you walk into a shop with an attitude and brag and talk in the condescending tones of some elitist…you are a dick; a dick in the shop, a dick at home and a dick on the river. Knock it off.