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“A radically new idea in fishing is rare. So when ,Pat Moffitt, 56, a retired environmental services engineer, told me he was catching trout with hookless flies, I laughed. After a while, he convinced me that not only was he serious, but he could prove it worked. He and I went steelhead fishing last fall in some Lake Erie tributaries, where I tried his method and was amazed.”

Things do get a little tricky, because Moffitt’s technique hooks fish on the outside of the jaw rather than the inside—a difference of maybe 1⁄4 inch. Some state rules may require fair-caught fish to be hooked inside the mouth, so check before you try this method.”  (my emphasis)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28vbZnPpYS8    (brief vid on how to)  http://www.moffittangling.com

http://www.fliesandfins.com/postt1443.html   (forum info and discussion re technique)

Pegging beads, corkies, flies, a fly…the intent and results count. A stinger hook on a tube fly that trails 2 to 3″ is similar…a 6 to 12″ trailer gives me concern for a hook into the belly or eye. I fish two flies on some stillwaters and occasionally the trailer hooks fish in belly, tail or points in between….One can go to some NW rivers and encounter groups of a certain illegal origin, fishing a pegged bead and 2 split shot spread up the line…running through a pool and purposely lining and snagging salmon. The rig upon inspection could be said to be a pegged bead/egg drifted through and taken…except the hookup is rarely in the mouth but on the outside of the fish..according to the Moffitt concept all fair…but, when witnessed in corrupt hands…it is lining and snagging. Maybe the split shot that allow for a horizontal drift cause this? Well, it does raise interesting questions and Moffitt’s intent seems honorable.