Mustad Hook & Preferred Gamakatsu Hook (bottom)
Mustad Hook & Preferred Gamakatsu Hook (bottom)


“I have been experimenting with quite a few brands, makes and types over the last 4 years in the search of a hook that I could call my favorite pike fly hook, but all have stood up to the test remarkably well although I have become a bit partial to the SL 12S BIG GAME 6/0 Saltwater fly hook from “Gamakatsu”and I have found they have increased the amount of hook ups I got last season.”

Simon Graham
Replot, Korsholme, Finland
“Every fisherman has their favourite fish he/she likes to pursue. Mine has to be the snot rocket – Esox lucius. I’ve spent countless hours chucking large wads of fluff in my quest for this fantastic predator,…”   “This blog is not just about fly fishing for pike…its about a lifestyle I lead, in probably one of the best fishing wilderness destinations in the world, Finland.”  (Photographs by Simon Graham of Beautiful Finland)

Simon Graham: “Born in England but grew up in South Africa. I now live perminantly in Finland in a small village Called Kuru, and Make a living as a Wilderness guide and photographer as well as run my own fly-fishing tours business

Very interesting site written with a good sense of humor and great variety. Much to learn here transferable to Western Hemisphere and Northern Europe.