Justin Carroll, Founder Winona Fly Factory

“I decided a while ago that this is what fishing is to me. It is hunting. To catch a trout one must be smart, quiet, prepared and have a willingness to travel into the wild.”

Yes, I know there are, no doubt, many fly fishers out there chasing many species of fish around the world that exhibit the pioneer spirit. But, out of the gazillion sites I study and learn from, I can think of few that show the unadulterated, genuine passion of Justin Carroll

We mostly are borrowers, takers of information and then trying it out, and if generous, sharing it back for others to learn from. We all do this. But, we don’t all go out and explore the stream side, to observe, specifically identify, catalogue, document, and oh yes, fish. You know Haefle and  Hughes did/do it. Trout Nut obviously does it.

minn1But, with no slight intended toward Justin, his amateur status makes him all the more interesting. You actually sense his amazement and excitement as he looks for big fish, small fish and insects. I go to a stream and look for fish rising. I look for insects and can make a general mayfly or caddis designation, but that is pretty much it (I am much better with the simpler lake’s environment). But, I do not really look, question and later understand like Justin is doing. Does that make sense? Study his blog from its inception, then watch the development of style, images, knowledge…all on his home waters…I suspect not even on fabled waters…and see how much he has learned. Keep track of this blog. You will see it saved at some very worthy sites/blogs. There is a reason for that..Justin Carroll of Winona, Minnesota.