fly tyingOlder info, but still several good tips for you cost cutting, road kill gathering, bird hunting do-it-yourselfer’s. I have had moth infestation, mice and have had donated, uncured skins rotting. All these, although out in the garage, were a nuisance and sometimes valuable materials were lost. I have had numerous airtight bags breached by mice and entire capes fleeced for a nest somewhere. So, I make every effort to now use secure drawers and boxes with the bags. I had the stack drawers one gets at office stores etc. and although they are secure in front, the rear allows access to the critters. So, although it’s less efficient access wise, I go for more secure containers and because I am lazy regarding labeling, I have more extended searches for materials at times. No biggy. My problem for having every conceivable material sold over the last 30+ years.        Feathers