Whether a ‘hot spot’ is part of the natural process or stands in contrast to naturals, the addition of hot pink, red, orange or  chartreuse can enhance the success of a pattern. Honestly, sometimes the myriad patterns and success of just about any pattern at some point makes one back away and mentally regroup. I mean the scruffy creation your five year old son or granddaughter tied can catch a fish at some point. Presentation and location being so critical, the pattern is often less significant. But, because of the never ending puzzles we seek to enjoy solving, we all come back to the vise to create, plot and contrive to trick the fish. Whether a Green Butt Skunk, Egg Sucking Leech or a Czech Nymph with a hot spot at the mid  point of the shank, the value of having some patterns that either contrast to the naturals or match egg laden or egg eating creatures is worth having.       

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wire worm