“The four needed to work up a plan of action, so they drank beer while considering a strategy. It was determined that Steve Jr. would distract the eel because he had drank the most alcohol and believed he was bulletproof. He opened up the sliding door down below to see what the “monster” was doing. As the door opened, the eel came up the two steps biting at anything along the way. The four brave men then ran to the wheel house like women and slammed the door shut. They never did identify which one of them screamed like a girl.

This story raises so many thoughts from the enjoyable writing style to the 9mm in an unsteady hand. It is hindsight to add what if’s and reinforces that parts of the world offer up fishing events most of us freshwater trout/salmon chasers won’t encounter. Better their lower extremities at risk than mine. Story courtesy of Mara Henderson of Clearwater, Florida.