adrienne Yes, I know. There is little in the way of fly design that can equal the simplistic, single syllable utterances re the Adrienne Comeau Budweiser Beer Can Holder. Normally, I would not even attempt to suggest that much short of the take could equal Adrienne’s pull. But, tonight I almost found a match. Not quite, but for awhile, until I looked at the pic again, I thought I was close.

The Oracle Wet Fly is just plain seductive and inviting. It has all the stuff in the right places and well it makes you pause for a longer look. Not the ACBBCH, but close.

IMG_1515X Oracle Wet

Oracle: authoritative, devines future, believed to be infallible.

Hook: Size 16 Dai-Riki 700B   Thread: 8/0 Black   Tail: Mallard Tail Barbules    Body: Gold Tinsel with Copper Ribbing    Wing: Tan CDC & Olive Hen Feather wrapped.  (No thorax material).


This Oracle Wet has a body constructed from Root Beer Krystal flash. It still picks up multiple colors when wrapped.