Doc Spratley (Western-Fly)

When I took fly tying lessons (Doug Stewart, Stewart’s Custom Tackle) some 35 years or so ago, one of the patterns that Doug Stewart used was the Doc Spratley pattern. We tied it in black. You can see above, that the pattern (abdomen) can be tied in any number of colors. The tiers will categorize this pattern as an emerging caddis pattern. I think that would be a good concept, as well as a smallish bait fish pattern in the right colors or a steelhead pattern. This is a good quality pattern for beginning fly tying, but also, for catching fish. Oh, and for the sake of beginners, the other patterns Doug used to teach basic applications of materials to the hook were: Gray Hackle Peacock, Bivisible, Montana Stone. Oh, isn’t that a very nice picture? Very pleasing.

Doc Spratley @ Western-Fly

The Chronic Fly Fisher Doc Spratley