A good friend in St. Pete’s area is scouting Charlotte Harbor to Venice to Siesta Key for snook, baby tarps and speckled trout. He  wades along the edge of the grass and throws  Clousers, Deceivers and his own concocted streamer patters  in a combo of dark over grey, white, silver, maybe a touch of red. He uses an 8 wt. and a floating line. He spends most of his time stalking along the edges and does not fish blind. I have not fished down this way, but my son has with our good friend and they find fish in the Spring (year around for that matter). Bill Jackson’s (sporting goods store in area) is a source of info (and gear) for our friend. He is self taught from wandering the bays and shorelines. No boat or guides, he has spent a great deal of time, when not golfing, exploring and observing. Says it has been unusually cold recently (Additional Info about Tampa area) (Primal Fly Crew Doubtful Starters..Cold Snap Hurt) (Florida Snook Closure extention)

Clouser, La Buena, Lefty RayLa Buena Clouser by Lefty Ray