I tied the Caddis pattern here as a Traveling Sedge for BC/Central Oregon stillwater trips. The single strand of pearl krystal flash has nothing to do with an adult Caddis. I added it just because. The body is heavily hackled from the rear to the half way point then a heavily bunched Zelon fiber wing was created and tied in. I again hackled the front of the fly. This is different than the Rackelhaen Caddis pattern, which is a simpler, durable fly pattern of primarily one material. The wing application is somewhat similar, and the point of this post. The synthetic wing can match elk or deer hair if dressed (floatant). (Wing options: Elk hair, deer hair, Antron, CDC: don’t add floatant to CDC; calf tail…on & on).

Rackelhanen Caddis Pattern at GFF