I am not artistic. My son, Tony, has a decided talent in drawing and painting, but he didn’t get it from me. When I attended the NW Fly Tying Expo yesterday, I noticed the most tyers/tiers of Atlantic Salmon flies than I have ever seen assembled at a tying symposium. I appreciate the artist that creates upon canvas or paper. Dare I admit this, and no slight intended…honest…I cannot wrap my head around the required discipline of effort with the end result a fly on a plaque, on a wall. It is akin to painting a rose or peonies. If the fly is not fished (I know they were originally) my mind disconnects from the effort. This betrays my practical side and accounts for my ‘impressionistic’ tying and sloppy finish that no artistic tier could fathom as acceptable. That said, those tiers did have their attentive audience, so it resonates with some. When I taught fly tying, I once in awhile would have a beginning tier, always women, that wanted to learn to tie just to create. They did not fly fish; they had no intention of wetting their creations. They simply wanted to create for the satisfaction of art. So, for the artistically inclined, that might accidentally wander into an impressionistic slop fest: Shawn Davis Original Fly Design