I came across this pattern via Planet Trout at the Critter’s Corner site. This is a nice variation of the Palomino Midge. The UV Krystal Flash post/wing is unique. Some would argue that the usual light colored post sacrifices visibility. More often then not you see where your line, leader and fly came down, or close enough to react to the rise. I think that UV post plus the other attraction factors of this pattern could keep you busy enough honing your set.

That Ultra Chenille extended body is a nice feature. Gently burn the tip to seal the end so it will not unravel. That extended body could be utilized with mayfly patterns as well. It is more durable than some of the deer hair concoctions I have fished with.

Find the pattern and more at Critter’s Corner.

Critter's Corner's UV Parachute Palominio Midge