Several years ago when I was more motivated to tie more exacting patterns, I spent considerable time on fly patterns. Several things happened from this exacting behavior: I realized such patterns, for me, did not outperform simpler patterns; I hated to lose the complicated patterns; I derived no sense of satisfaction from the effort. Below are some Bunse like Green Drake duns with a deer hair bullet head, parachute, extended tail. They look damn good, but try as I may, I do as well with a Humpy or a Wulff Green Drake. Now, I am not discounting the artistic, more exacting bent of many tiers. As I have said before, my pragmatic, lazy side supersedes my artistic side. The Bunse style is novel and still worth an effort by the talented tier. (see comments section for tying info)

Now, I tied a dozen or so of these flies. And, the moose mane tail has little durability; neither does elk hair. Most have broken or bent as much from storage or casting than catching and releasing a fish. Below, you can see the damage to the tails. Perhaps today’s tail fibetts would be a far better choice?

Tail End Tale (SwittersB)

So, below is my type of fly…a Wulff style…quicker, durable, productive. The hardest part, and it isn’t hard is the hair wing (calf tail) tied in and split to form a V wing. This a great fly for heavier waters. The ribbing could have been a little better.