This fly, the Superpuppan, is touted as a worthy wet fly or emerger pattern on a Norwegian trout blog. It looks similar to the late Ed Story’s Crackleback pattern. Both would be a nice, simple tie and seem productive on top, in the surface film or pulled beneath.

“…nothing seems to make the fish take. But it still rises. Then its time to bring out the emergency flies. The emergency fly no 1 is one we scandinavians call “Superpuppan”, or the super pupa. Its a fierce fly, imitating the hatching caddis. If you don´t have it already – get it !!!”

Crackleback Fly: Byron Haugh, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann (Danica)

This is a simple fly to tie. I would use better quality dry fly hackle rather than soft, webby hackle. In the top pattern (Superpuppan) you see a two tone colored body with a palmered hackle. There appears to be a bit of flash from some ribbing. In the Crackleback fly the body could be several different materials (floss, thread, dubbed, yarn) with peacock pulled over the top and then the hackle wrapped forward over the body. Like a large Griffith’s Gnat, these patterns will create a disturbance and animation. Simple and touted to be quite effective.