Naomi's Five Birds on Rear Shoulder (Under the Yardarm)

“As a child I loved to peek into my Dad’s blue metal compartment drawers, full of feather, fishing line, nail clippers, scissors, waxes, threads…  I wasn’t really meant to be looking in it.  Then there was the time I helped Dad untangle his fishing line.

Throughout my life, whether I be child, brooding teen, uni student, young wife, mother, part of our family is centered around the blue metal drawers and its contents.  Contents that have now grown to fill a whole bench in The Shack, feathers a big part of that bench.” Under the Yardarm

Naomi, the mum, the wife, has a blog that is perhaps better suited to your wife, girlfriend or sis. She is in transition. She reminisces above about another time. She is caught up in the past, the present, the future. On second thought, it wouldn’t hurt you to peruse her thoughts. It might help you with those that operate on a different plain…one we would be well served to acknowledge more often. For those searching for the bird or feather tattoo…another variation of birds fly and the meanings of family, empty nest, separation..on and on.