This is a shot of a pattern I had seen in Tying Emergers: A Complete Guide.  I used pheasant tail fibers for the tail and body on a size 16 hook. The wing was a piece of Antron yarn tied in at the back of the thorax area. I dubbed a sparse thorax of hare’s ear, then pulled the piece of Antron over the top, loosely, to form a loop. Then it is tied off at the eye of the hook. No hackle. I fished this in the midst of a mayfly hatch and had ok results with it. However, it did not stay in the film long before sinking. So, I could do several things: use a dubbing for abdomen like Super Fine; make sure hook is light wire (it was); experiment with CDC for the loop wing: grease the leader with floatant paste down to the final inch; let if float ’til it sinks, then let it sink and work it back toward the top with slow hand twist retrieve like an emerging mayfly.