Dapping the seams? Long rod, like the old cane pole, with the string? High sticking? Connected to the presentation? All seems fine, simplistic and cheaper. Beyond that, what is the fuss about? I am missing it. Almost like the retro zeal of a hipster that rediscovered the cane pole. Sorry, just another means to the same end and not deserving of the fawning. Eek!      Tenkara USA

“…the continued Balkanization, or specialization, or fracturing, or whatever you want to call it, among fly anglers… the various fly-fishing subcultures—tournament bass fishermen, carp anglers, steelheaders, backcountry saltwater fishermen and so on —will continue to define themselves more distinctly and vocally.” – Ted Leeson, Author. He failed to include tenkara anglers in the subcultures, but you are part of a distinct, and shall we say, a very cool group of anglers!

“Trends for trouties: The European proliferation of deadly nymphing techniques will continue to gnaw on Yank rod makers, who after many years of ignoring anything longer than 8 1/2 ft. and 9 ft. rods for regular fishing are going to convince users of the versatility found in longer (9 1/2 on up) equipment.” – Paul Bruun, Columnist and Guide. Huh!

Our prediction is that 2010 will be an awesome year for angling with a rod, line and a fly; when angling will be the simple and relaxing experience we crave, when you don’t need to (though you may still want to) travel far to enjoy pristine waters and wild fish, and perhaps a year of retirement for your underworked reel. This will be a tenkara fly-fishing year for many anglers throughout the world who will enjoy the simplicity and relaxation only tenkara allows.” Tenkara USA

The only thing unique and worth mentioning are the fly patterns that are worth consideration.

An air of superiority seems to exude from the pores. Just what’s needed, another elitist nitch. Just do it and shut up already.

*Ok, Ok….after some behind the scenes arm twisting and a stern re-education program, I will concede the Tenkara approach to presenting the fly has merit and more importantly…who am I to put down a past time that seduces a fish to the fly. To each their own in connecting to nature and the purity of their endeavor. My apologies to the several I offended.  SB 9/28/10