The Brit’s conducted a study that revealed male drivers, on average, drive an additional 276 miles a year, because they delay in asking for directions. The news organizations were quick to play upon the male stereotype. Buried in some of the accounts was that women were a close second at 256 miles. The study didn’t touch upon which gender is more likely to get lost. Only that men are more ‘stubborn’ in asking for directions. Of course, the greenies seized upon the findings to calculate the possible fuel costs at $3000. and contributions toward climate change. I assume those costs were based upon the combined male/female miles times expensive fuel costs ($6.50+ per gal. UK)

In an additional study, based upon the first study, because men are so cavalier about waste and climate change, “…it’s women who have to spend muscle power gathering wood, dung, and charcoal—as is discussed, for instance, in this report on women’s empowerment in the Philippines (pdf). Moreover, when women, who do most of the cooking, have to burn wood or dung in their kitchens, they end up inhaling more pollutants. The health consequences are dire, as you can read in this World Bank report…”

And finally, in a separate study that perhaps explains the first two studies: “Excessive drinking by employees cost businesses and industries worldwide billions of dollars each year in absenteeism and lost productivity, but it is not the heavy drinkers or alcoholics who are mostly responsible.

New research shows that it is the light or light-to-moderate drinkers who cause the most problems. More than half of all alcohol-related problems in the workplace are caused by light drinkers, and 87 percent by light-to-moderate drinkers. The problems are mostly due to hangovers.”