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5 thoughts on “Muncy Nancy Lester and James

  1. Hi there you don’t really know who I am. My name is Holly Marie Steed and I’m the maternal great great granddaughter of James and Nancy Lester Muncy from my mama Tammy Leigh Coeburn Swimmer Steed who is the fourth but third living daughter of their maternal grandson George Allen Coeburn Jr whose mother was their last born daughter Velma (Belle Mae Athens) Muncy Coeburn. I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for posting these photographs of these here great people so others who are descended from them might know what they looked like and see if they themselves might bear some resemblance to them.


    1. Well thank you so much for commenting re the photo and the Muncy’s!!!! How nice. Several years ago, I did quite a bit of family research into the Muncy’s. I have fairly extensive data from James Frances Muncy, 1630’s into the colonies. Thanks you for visiting and commenting! Gary Muncy


      1. Well since you are the only one that has done quite the extensive research on the Muncy side of the family I would be the up most appreciative if you are willing to share that information with me. The reason why I’m asking you for the information instead of my mother is because she really doesn’t know anything and I’m doing this as much for her as for myself there Gary Muncy my newfound cousin/ relative.


        1. I would be very happy to share. I need to delve back into the binders for the four+ branches of all the families I researched to include the Muncy clan. What part of the country has your family primarily resided in? The original Muncy’s started in Mass. then N.Y. then Maryland then Virginia/Kentucky and then ultimately West Virginia….at least my bunch.


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