With a grand case of Spring Time Tying ADD, I flit about the tying station like female Duns bobbing above the water. I cannot make up my mind. March Browns, Pale Morning Duns, various Caddis Pupa, Chironomids on minute (for me) hooks….on and on. So much to tie and I have not made a concrete plan.

Identify your anticipated hatches for the upcoming seasons. Chart it out. Keep track of your progress. Of late, I tie for stress release more than filling boxes or completing a to do list. Of course, I tie for the blog’s purpose of sharing assorted facets of fly fishing and tying for the beginner.

But, I have seen a few things lately that inspired me. John Collins (an excellent tier I made the acquaintance of on FB ) recently steered me toward Kevin Compton at Performance Flies of Cleveland, Ohio. I was intrigued by a segmented body material…a synthetic quill body of sorts. I promptly ordered some in several sizes. Above is the largest material. It comes in much smaller sizes for those eye crossing sub 20 hooks.

The above wet fly is on a Mustad Size 14 hook. The thread is 14/0 Sheer. I used a small portion of the pearl synthetic quill body for the abdomen and two turns of dyed green peacock herl for the thorax followed by two turns of a Starling feather.