I was reading up on Buster’s blog and trying to figure out how he strings together so many unique phrases (with the occasional profane exclamation) when I came upon a post of his re mining in Montana near Rock Creek. The Dutch Gold Resources plans to start drilling this month. Down at the bottom of the article was a quick mention of a proposed operation at the Gold Bug Mine in Oregon.

I did a little digging and found the Gold Bug Mine was a well developed mine in the 1800’s on Galice Creek.

“The Old Channel hydraulic pit on the high terrace was started in 1860 and ultimately became almost 2,000 feet wide and 100 feet deep, the largest such pit in the State of Oregon. It is reported that over 50,000 ounces of gold were produced from the pit. The gravels averaged about .007 ounce of gold per cubic yard and a lot of good ground remains to be mined.”

I find it interesting and not surprising that these operations continue regardless of State or Federal administrations. The dig goes on. Now, I am a frequent, unapologetic copy/paste (discover/share) never steal/adopt blogger so I am mindful of a recent post by Buster (dare I share it?):

“Not a biggiant fan of the ubiquitous borrowed creativity/identity, link-and-go horseshite so prevalent in the FaceBlogger copycat tutorial on Narcissism for Virgins 101 these days, but fuck it: some shit’s actually that good…” ( How does he string those phrases together; I still marvel…?)

So, I am linking to Buster and his posts about the Dutch Gold Resources’ mining ops that seem to continue in or near pristine places. Dare I mention Harry Reid? Selective indignity? Not by Buster. He is consistently indignant….refreshingly so. I still don’t know how he writes like that.