Owl Feathers? (Oregon Live)

“An owl decided to make his home directly above the water supply in Weston, Oregon. It wasn’t long before the entire supply was tainted with his poop.

Public works employees detected E. coli bacteria when testing the water. They discovered the owl’s nest perched above the large tank of water, which goes to the town’s homes and is used as drinking water. Residents were told to boil their water or stick to bottled water.

Officials used chlorine to kill the bacteria, but what’s to stop other owls from defecating in the water?” (Oregon Live)       Native American Owl Lore   “I want to remind readers to use caution concerning the use of Owl feathers, since all Owls, Eagles and Hawks, including their feathers and body parts, are protected in the U.S. by the Preditory Bird Act of 1964.”