~It is said that 90+% of FFer’s walk less than 100 yards from their car to fish, most even closer. Put in the time to research and explore a spot to fish. To fish, take a 5-10 minute walk from your car, beyond the normal range of a fly fisher. Let someone know where you are headed and be prepared after a fall, trip etc. to spend the day/night.

~Overlining or fishing a heavier weight line than your rod calls for can ease your casting stroke. The rod loads better and casts heavier offerings easier. A weight forward line helps too. Not as nice for delicate dry fly offerings, but doable.

~Extreme heat on slower streams and lakes is depleting the oxygen levels and accelerating those blooms. Consider not fishing during these times. Fish more oxygenated rivers or colder, deeper lakes. Catch & Release can be difficult to honor if fish are overstressed at release or you are fishing too light of a rod/tippet for the size fish you may hook.

~Tailwater fisheries (rivers that are re-formed below dams) are a good Summer time place to fish as temps, flows and bugs are more consistent. Sometimes discharge from these dams can be significant in late Spring so check any existing data to be certain water levels are stable or you may arrive to find the river up into the campgrounds. I use to see those heavy chains on picnic tables and assume it was only to stop thieves from carting away the table….maybe also to stop big  CFS discharges from carrying away the table.