I have had occasion to employ young men back from multiple tours in the Middle East. The price paid by some most of these young men is humbling and thought provoking. I have become somewhat familiar with VA resources and private outreach for the soldiers as they struggle to adapt back into civilian life and the basic demands of employers and self care.

So, the outreach to the often fragile, physically/mentally impaired warriors that served is more than a little interesting in a passing sort of way. Many of us that have served, in one fashion or another, have our gnawing demons. It is often a part of fly fishing writing to pro forma ask ‘why do people fly fish?’. Honestly? Stability, comfort, peace, renewal, at one, retreat, to unwind. All those descriptors encompass but one thing. If you have been there, you understand.

So, the attached link about the use of fly fishing and fly tying to help soldiers rebuild, to offer some element of balance and hope in their lives is humbling and I hope you think inspiring.

                      Veteran Brothers & Fly Fishing