The Brown Muddler Minnow is a quite a bit different than the original, traditional Muddler Minnow pattern. There is no turkey feather fiber tail or wing and no gold tinsel abdomen. I like the subtle colors above.

The hook is a size 6, 3 xl hook. I use a little heavier thread (brown 6/0) because of the spinning deer hair. The tail is several clumps of furnace hackle barbs pulled from the quill. I used a single strand of brown wool from a tri-lobal yarn I bought at a yarn shop. You could dub this as well.

I tied in a wing of paired furnace hackle tips with the dark sides out (remember each hackle as a lighter side/underside and a darker side/outer side). I then tie in a clump of dyed brown deer hair and gently pull to encourage it to spin around the shank and create a deer hair shroud around the body of the fly. I then add another clump, shorter, to the head and spin the clump. I then tie off the thread without smashing down the hair and then trim the head to a blunt head to help displace water in a turbulent manner (rather than arrow shaped). Spinning deer hair