Front To Rear w/ Copper Wire to the Front

Jay Nicholas demonstrates the front to rear, reinforced method. I have never used it much. Excellent for reinforcing the hackle to provide durability from gnarly teeth and forceps. 

David Cammiss Shows Both Palmering Methods Here

I learned the Rear to Front-Unreinforced Method. I rarely have had the hackle break on a Woolly Bugger or Elk Hair Caddis. Practice both methods and see how durable it is for you. 

I have to admit that much of the fly tying durability techniques: head cement, reinforcing the hackle with wire, double whip finishing at the head, head cement on the shank before wrapping the thread or body….have never proven necessary for me…yes, I do on occasion catch enough fish to test that practice.

The only place I have had flies separate from fish teeth or forceps is the front hackle. So, I would imagine my securing of the hackle was amiss. Rarely has the thread head unraveled. And, truly if a fly is falling apart from too many fish or their sharp teeth then ‘hooray for me!!!’