Here is a little gem I found a few of in a half empty fly box tucked away in a forgotten drawer in the garage. The ’52 Buick. An old time British Columbia classic I learned to tie long ago along with Carey Specials, Doc Spratley’s and Half Backs and Full Backs.

’52 Buick: What a nice little, basic fly for a beginner: a Size 10, 2xl nymph hook (here an old Mustad 3906B hook). The tail is dyed green Guinea feather fibers pulled from the stem and a clump tied in at the bend. The ribbing here is older gold tinsel, but today I would opt for copper wire. The abdomen is a dubbed green rabbit fur, but again any green dubbing would do. The abdomen was dubbed up 3/4 of the way and then followed with the ribbing. Then a beard of guinea. The beard is not seen as much these days. The wing case is peacock sword and the thorax is peacock herl. The thread was 6/0 olive. Even if you forgo the beard this is a simple pattern to tie, meant for stillwaters. Easy to tie and a classic pattern.