Today, while pouring through box after box at my dear, departed Aunt’s hoarding home, I came across a photo album. These are golden in my estimation and upon opening it, the album did not disappoint.

A week ago or so, I was mentioning the miniscule objects that gave any indication my long departed Uncle fly fished beyond my recollection. Well. the album provided a wonderful affirmation of his and my aunt’s outdoor ventures.

Here is a picture of their camp spot in the early 1940's. My Uncle had observed an early prototype of a short camper made from sheet metal. He drew a diagram and took some measurements and then constructed the virtually same trailer. More importantly, notice the two fly rods leaning against the car!
And, to provide even more affirmation of his love of fly fishing, here was my Uncle wetting a line!!
Here you get an idea of the scale of the little trailer and of course the perfect place for that camping nap.
And it appears, my Aunt wet a line too.

The photo album was full of my Uncle and Aunt camping near rivers. There were no notes on the back of the pictures re where, but I do know they camped a lot in the 1930’s and there after. So these pictures, for me, are more important than most things I could have found in the hoarding garage, shop or home.