Well now, I live in Oregon, next to the Evergreen State of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, next to British Columbia. Green abounds. I am thankful for it. The lush green. Of course, there are a lot of Portlandians in their eco sense of suffering that will let their lawns go brown. Not I…Green as can be and proud of it! Oh calm down!

Gary Green swatch commonly found now in fabric stores

Green has surrounded my life. Once my mom got a special on pants at Sears. They were green and she bought several pair. That was all I had to wear to school for a solid year.

You would think that would have cured me of wearing green. Yet green is my favorite color. In fact, the family has taken to calling my favorite color Gary Green. Actually, it is Forest Green but not when I am wearing it.

I actually spent 32 years of my life wearing a uniform comprised of various shades of green. I never tired of it. Ironically, I have green eyes but often forget that until it is raised in  conversation.

Gardening, fishing, clothing, walking through the woods to the often greenish river…even a tossed Green salad delights me. The sun shining down on a windy Summer day, the light filtered through giant maple leaves…a soft green.

My back yard is a lush green, the vegetation healthy along the spring creek that trickles by.
Steelhead Green is that perfect shade of river when the clarity improves from mud brown into shape…into possibilities after waiting for the river to drop into shape. (Riverwood Blog…Santiam River)
The watery home of a beautiful trout, momentarily brought to hand…a perfect shade of Gary Green Water. The water surrounded by tall green trees and edged with green grasses and reeds created a beautiful green. Glorious contrast. In fact, Green is a wonderful canvas for contrast and beauty.
Even the cap, is a pleasing shade of green. I bought the cap, not for a reminder of the denim jeans, but I anticipated the chance to display a beautiful fish with the cap in the back ground. My ‘true religion’ is being outdoors, at one with nature, surrounded by water and greenery. The essence of spirituality and religion…for me. Did I mention God loves Gary Green?

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