This past Winter, I had to sell my departed mom’s home. Emotionally, it was a difficult process. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was to salvage all the plants I could that were near and dear to my parents. They kept a very beautiful yard. It was cold and wet when I had dig up roses and fuchsias. I transplanted them into less than ideal earth and conditions. I crossed my fingers. 

I had noticed the Lincoln rose had sprouted but one bud. It stood there for some time not progressing through the heavy rains of late. A few days ago, I saw it opened into this beautiful rose, but it looked a bit disheveled for sure.
Tonight, I was outside as it started to rain, yet again, and I notice the Lincoln rose had progressed further. Beautiful, battered and finishing with grace. Not perfect, yet still beautiful.
I wanted to share this picture of how the new owners of my parent’s old house have fashioned their vision of a yard. An abomination to the lovely yard my parents maintained. I shared this over on my Hoarding Woes & You blog too (why I haven’t been able to fish much for last three years). You can see a few remaining roses, I didn’t capture, peeking up through the uncut grasses. I guess a glimmer of beauty seeking space.