Well, something like that. I have been remiss, more than usual, in not acknowledging some past bequeathments of awards (Thank you Fresh Start & Nine & a Half Hours Ahead!!). This time, Marcy at For Your Good Health nominated me for the, sit down now, the Super Sweet Blogging Award! I am honored that Marcy honored me, and perhaps I can humbly tie this award acknowledgment back to Fresh Start’s and Nine & A Half Hours Ahead’s and say a very heartfelt thank you to all. Thank you Marcy!

It is what it is…I’m Super Sweet. I have to embrace it.

So, in keeping with the format for such awards, I will combine the ‘about me’ components (I hope that is ok with the Big Pastry Chef overseeing such things) and write a few things about me:

1. I prefer Pie. Cold Pie on a cold plate with cold vanilla ice cream. Nothing warm about it. All cold and refreshing.

2. Beyond Happy Birthday, I do not know the words to any one song from beginning to end. I enjoy tapping my foot, even dancing with happy feet, but ask me the lyrics and I am lost.

3. Blogging combined with work has pretty much destroyed my capacity to read a book cover to cover. I use to be lost in a book and have plenty on the bookcase, end table, nightstand, head board waiting. Now, I rarely read a book. I can’t say I care for that.

4. I often prefer the company of women more than men. I won’t ask you what that says about me.

5. Beyond my obvious passion for fly fishing and tying, I have a satisfying passion for gardening, old movies, cooking, photography, the outdoors. Life’s recent struggles have denied a lot of that for me, thereby, reaffirming how in need I am of pursuing those past times as soon as possible…lest I become less sweet.

6. I am allergic to cats, yet each morning one jumps upon the bed and lies on my chest to awaken me with a well placed paw on my chin. I like that and suffer the itchy eyes, throat and nose.

7. I come from rural stock and am proud of it. I distrust intellectuals and social planners. I value Liberty. I am a bit of a loner.

Don’t I look Super Sweet here.

Ok, hopefully I didn’t do anything too harsh to make myself less sweet in your estimation. So, here are a few blogs that I enjoy because of their beauty, wisdom, energy or just their 180° ways that make me loosen up a bit and stay sweet. Feel free to accept and acknowledge the award or if life is just too chaotic right now, get around to some form of passing along kindness down the road:

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13. The Smitten Image

There you have, what is a very difficult task, the baker’s dozen of shared sweetness and respect and admiration. You will note there is not one fly fishing blog noted and that does not suggest there are not some amazing writers, poets, photographers, cooks and thought provokers in their midst! Just some variety to expand our awareness.