That ubiquitous Woolly Bugger is so productive, it is hard to not just tie it on and dredge away with success. But, that denies the fly fisher the solving the puzzle process…the match the hatch…or, ‘I wonder if this would work?’ fun.

Understanding the food sources of a lake and then searching the habitat where those food sources dwell is part of my enjoyment. Damsels, Dragons, Scuds, Chironomids on and on, are possibly there in that muck, mire and weeds.

These dragonfly nymphs were tied up to represent the shorter/stockier dragonfly nymph (Gomphidae). Presented low and slow near the bottom with the occasional darting retrieve. 

 I intend to try these bulbous eyed creations soon and see if they are seductive to the trout and bass.