I grabbed the camera and ventured forth into a wet, Fall afternoon. I worked in and around the Big Four Corners Natural Area on the Columbia Slough. The area is undeveloped so one had to be careful keeping track of the path in and out. It wasn’t so much one would get lost (wedged between the slough and a distant roadway) as stumble into a flooded area. The footing was irregular atop downed trees, long grass and standing water.

In the end, I chose to keep it simple as I wasn’t wearing adequate footwear. It was raining hard, windy and 42 degrees. I took a few shots and trudged out. 

Here was the start of the trail, which petered out thirty yards in. It was nice to venture into an undeveloped area. So often when you try to photograph something there is the post, the pipe, the sign of man intruding into the scene. Hopefully, they will leave this alone.
Tenacious Blue…the last vestige of Summer’s palette.