Oh a few days of high 70’s and low 80’s and people were half naked in Portland. The False Spring was, once again, upon us. The definition of False Spring does not do justice to the phrase.

“False spring is a term used in botany (and related fields) rather than in meteorology. It refers to a period of weather in late winter or early spring sufficiently mild and sufficiently long to “trick” dormant vegetation into waking up early. Young, succulent tissues begin growing at a time when the plant should remain dormant,” and it can then be damaged by later frosts and freezes. False spring temperatures rarely affect native plants, but ornamentals are quite vulnerable.”

No, it is now late Spring, not early Spring!

False Spring Cold SB
Today, May 22, 2012….False Spring Indeed!

“False Spring”? This is more like “Ha! Screw You Suckers!!!”

BATTERED RHODY SBBattered Rose SBOf course, having lived in Portland my whole life, I know not to worry about dependable sunshine until after Rose Festival in Mid June. Then we are good to go until mid October!

Pink Bud Perserveres SBAh, hope Springs Eternal…even amid the battered blossoms and blooms. Thank goodness one stops to see the roses…so to speak.