I can recall, as a child, my parents always had certain flowering plants in the yard (roses, fuchsia, foxgloves, azaleas and hollyhocks). I took a sample of seeds from my parents hollyhocks right before the property was sold off and put them into our garden. Now they keep on growing. One has to be careful where you put them because they will self seed to a radius of at least their height….and perhaps where you don’t want them. Still I like the blooms. Hollyhocks go way back in time….. 

“Of all the skeletons found at the cave, Shanidar IV provides the best evidence for Neanderthal burial ritual. The skeleton of an adult male aged from 30–45 years was discovered in 1960…. soil samples from around the body, were gathered to establish…..vegetational history of the site, were analyzed…entire flowering plants (or at least heads of plants) had entered the grave deposit. Furthermore, a study of the particular flower types suggested that the flowers may have been chosen for their specific medicinal properties. Yarrow, Cornflower and Hollyhock were represented in the pollen samples, all of which have long-known curative powers as diuretics, stimulants, astringents as well as anti-inflammatory properties.”