I suspect most people decide to take up the hobby of fly tying to complete what they perceive to be the complete fly fisher’s journey into and through the hobby.  Also, there maybe the penny pinching thought of saving money with your own creations.

Red Gnat SB

The ‘art’ of fly tying is only marginally studied, by many of us, for its heritage. Contemporary tiers are studied for new ideas, but few of us go back in time to study the history and progressions of tying. Many of us fall prey to one supposedly innovative pattern idea after another, then regroup and go back to simple basics.

It is good to be mindful of the basics regardless of the pursuit because they are, indeed, there for a reason (gardening, photography, wood working, writing, pottery, knitting, cooking, sewing). One can venture off with creative, innovative pathways that incorporate the basic foundation and one’s own creativity. That is the beauty of fly tying.

Red Glow Emerger SB

You can, if so inclined, study history, entomology & nature, photography, science, fly fishing, fish, fur, feathers and the thread industry. There are so many components to the ‘art’ beyond wrapping thread around the steel shank of a hook and attaching buggy looking materials.

Sometimes there seems to be nothing new under the sun and then that little gem of someone’s creativity inspires us in a new direction. Hobbies should have the bedrock that allows for creative efforts that every once in a while result in those special moments in life. Put some sprinkles, strawberry syrup and whip cream on top of that vanilla ice cream every once in a while.