After last nights  Bat episode and the gnarly images collected, I made one of my frequent stopovers at Cindy Knoke’s wonderful blog to see some beautiful images of a hummingbird. Now we have hummingbird feeders and the hummingbirds do seem to stop by as the feeder levels always seem to diminish. But when I do see a hummingbird it is usually a grey-green blur. Certainly nothing as spectacular as what Cindy captured.

So this evening, I thought I would stand out by the feeder, stork like, and wait for a hummingbird to stop by. It took awhile…quite awhile, or so my body told me. But, several did stop by and as I had surmised they were this somewhat drab grey-green.

HB1 SBBut wait, because when the little bird turned to flit away a most beautiful throat/chest area was partially captured by the lens. Just a hint of something beyond the grey-green. The glowing colors are from just the available light (ISO 400, f5.6).

HB2 SBWhen now, I may have to figure out a feeding pattern here to better facilitate my stork like appearance. Also, I may lower the feeder to gain a more horizontal view rather than shooting upwards.