I was watching a PBS show on Nature entitled Radioactive Wolves (watch this is you want to see the 50 minute long episode about the wolves). Its focus was on wolves and their reemergence in the Chernobyl area 25 years after the nuclear disaster. During the show they showed a town, Pripyat, that is being reclaimed by nature. The images were intriguing as they always are in ghost towns. 

pripyat_amusement_park_timm Seuss 17u7sj5-17u7sji
Pripyat ‘Amusement’ Park (Photo by Timm Seuss/Flickr)

I found a similar video by Matt Smith about Pripyat he filmed in 2011. Watch it and see if you don’t agree how fascinating the creeping reclamation of nature always is. Won’t be long until Detroit looks like this. 

PRIPYAT & Nature Compete

OH GEEZE!!!! Lizard Kings…Awesome too