Penny the Cat SwittersB SwittersB SwittersBAlpha Kitty, Penny the Cat, stares at me each morning this way. An earnest gaze  and persistent stance upon my chest, her eighteen18 pounds atop her paws presses downward as she kneads my  chest. Food. She is the designated pest for the other cat and the two dogs. Wake up.

She has been out of sorts lately since a new kitten entered our home, a rescue, with great energy and a total lack of respect for Penny. Eventually, Penny has come around week by week.

Ninnie the Cat SB

The kitten is now found sleeping near Penny and staring out the same window at the visiting hummingbirds. They are working out the place of things. Less piddling in odd places. Less hissing and smacking with paws. Surprisingly, most patient have been the two dogs…giving a wide birth to the two felines figuring out turf.